10 Fact about me

Setelah lama hiatus dari dunia blog karena diuji dengan paper-paper IGCSE yang menyenangkan itu, akhirnya saya nulis juga. Yah, sebenernya males juga sih karena gak dapet ide. Setiap dapet ide, pas dibawa nulis, mentok ditengah-tengah. Gak enak banget ya? Untung seorang missglasses ngebawa petuah untuk mengerjakan pesan berantai. Pesan berantai ini sebenernya udah lama banget, saya pertama kali liat sekitar 3-5 bulan yang lalu di blognya anak cahandong, mas Gunawan Rudy. Yah gitu deh, nulis fact-fact tentang diri kita. Akhirnya pesan berantai ini nyampe juga ke saya, yah daripada blog ini mati karena ga ada tulisan.

Well langsung saja 10 Fact about me!

1. I am an introverted person. Well, since I was a junior highschooler, I am become an introvert. I don’t know why, because if you know that I move many times when I was at elementary school, means I can be adaptive. But for this highschool? Actually, I am kind of not-ready to enter the highschool. My house at that time, was in Semarang. And the junior highschool, located in the deep of forest of Cinangka. Friends? My roomates first. They don’t really pay attention to me. It’s also my fault though, cause I don’t try to communicate with them. I still thinking about my parents. Hmm.. Until now, my introvert personality seems can’t be changed, even I entered such a class that is always crazy-full of gossips-and noisy. Sometimes with moe-ish (it must be a girl screaming) scream ‘kyaaaa’ .

2. Love matter. Since SD, I have fall in love. Only one time. With an Acehnese girl, her name is ****** ****** (Previously published, but for privacy terms, censored). She’s really beautiful and umm.. nice. SMP? There is restriction to meet girl (my SMP is a pesantren), but you can sneak or see it when girls are going to Electronic Labs that is located in boy complex. Only one time that I fall in love during SMP. With a girl, I don’t want to say her name here. I fall in love with her when I was at 2nd grade. At the moment of first sight. And my love was rejected when I ask her for it. Because of that, I don’t believe in ‘love-in-first-sight’ anymore. Well, SMA? No more restriction to meet and see a girl. Hehe.. I fall in love at 1st grade with a girl, her name is…. aah some of you have know it. I feel really attracted to her because I think she’s kind of good girl. But not. She says that she’s not good. She thinks that I’ve made a mistake when I appraised her. My friends also often to gossiping about her. Hahahaha. Negative gossips, of course. Now I kind of have a crush. Hmm, I don’t want to say her name, it’s my privacy again. She’s a really nice girl and it’s really enjoyable to talk with her. I hope my case in 1st grade is not repeated on this 2nd girl. Yeah, it’s seems that my status still a ‘normal crush’.

3. I am an alien. Alien? Yes, because I have kind of odd personality. I love oddness and peculiarness. Hahaha.

4. I like to learn foreign language. Any foreign language. Chinese, RUSSIAN, Spanish, ARABIC, JAPANESE, Korean.. I love when I meet with new alphabet, such as Russian alphabet. I was memorising it when I was junior highschooler..

5. I am slottish. Love to stay at house. I don’t really like to go. But if I am too bored, I will go to places that I like, such as bookstore, pirated dvd store, hanging out with friend to pizza hut/other places to eat, museum or … just walk and go nowhere. I don’t like to go to places that is too crowdy. Dufan, for example. TMII is better than DUFAN, i think. Because TMII is nearer :p and many museums that I’ve not visited there.

6. I love to hear music. Especially, instrumental and jazz music. I like national anthems. For example, Indonesia Raya (of course :p), Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit, Fratelli d’Italia and Flower of Scotland, and I memorise the lyrics of those national anthems XDD How about Jazz ? Incognito, Buble and Maliq d’Essentials. Instrumental? Mozart, Brahms, Beethoven and Chopin. 😀 I love to hear some of Soviet-retro music. Try this one..

7. Many people said that I am silent-intelect. They said that I have wide knowledge, but I am too clumsy and not friendly. Though, many smart-boy have such personality, yeah? Some people said I am hard to explaining something. Yeah, when I make an argument, my language is sometimes make my friends confused.

8. I’ve ever on a newspaper! It’s Batam Post. Reporter of Batam Post write about my unsual habits (it is unsual for a children!) of staying in Masjid (itikaf) in last days of Ramadan. I was staying at Masjid’s library because it’s the only place in the Masjid which has many ACs :p And many books that I can read there when I feel bored or hungry. This article makes my school (SDN 006 LBK BAJA) proud of me. Now, I am finding for the transcript of the article.. it’s gone -_-

9. I love to watch films. Especially, war-film. It is combining between history and action that makes me wake up until 130 am. I was watching Der Untergang, that I consider as ‘The Best Historical Film’ I’ve watched….

10. Ofcourse, I am a dreamer. I dream to have good future and prospect. It seems to be realised… 😀

Yap ya selesai juga. Make bahasa Inggris nih, lagi pengen bisa bikin essay buat entar kalo ngajuin beasiswa. Biasanya kan suruh tulis essay sebanyak 500 kata. Euh.. susah ya? Makanya dari sekarang saya latih dengan banyak-banyak nulis in English.

Oke next victim to write their facts are:

Recca, Montecarlo, Rea, Nixfar, Papin, Delta, SSW, Fauzi, Ditong, Nurul (bolang)


9 thoughts on “10 Fact about me

  1. komen per nomor ah:
    1. knp “can’t be changed”?
    2. yah disensor…
    3. stuju ma kalimat paling awal!
    4. emang ktauan dari muka…
    5. stayer in the house yo!
    6. musik apaan aja tuh?
    7. ciee yg “Silent-Intelect”!
    8. ciee yg masuk koran!
    9. udah nonton film apa aja?
    10. kebanyakan orang jg dreamer…

  2. @ recca :
    oke no problem.. :p
    @ montecarlomafia :
    ntu seseorang siapa ya? kok sepertinya…. -3-
    @ don_by
    1. lo tau lah alasannya
    2. privasi itu HAM
    3. kaya lo ngga aja dah
    4. tampang macem gue ni memang lingua-addicted
    5. hidup rumah! rumahku surgaku!
    6. dengerin aj boy
    7. justru gue pengen jadi “Yelling-intelect” apa coba maksudnya
    8. no comment
    9. yang jelas belom pernah nntn “Saving Private Ryan”
    10. yo’i
    @ missglasses :
    hoho. siapa dulu..

  3. woghh

    sperti nya 10fact about me lagi ng-trend ya

    hmm kapan ya gue nulis kayak begituan. (males deh pastinya)

    La La La La La

    yang no.1 pasti bisa dirubah kok. asal kuat mental dan terus mencoba. 😀 good luck

    woghh ada sensoran nya. banyak bener yang disensor =.=
    can I guess it?? can I? 😀 hehe

    haha anak rumahan ya. emg enak dirumah. home sweer home gitu lhoo haha

    (buset comment gue udah mulai ga jelas gini)

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