A Letter to Ban Ki-Moon

Dear Secretary-General,

Since the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, nations of the world came to a realization of the real danger of nuclear weapon. Then, the issue of nuclear weapon being debated and discussed intensively by nations of the world. Much effort has been done to control the use of nuclear weapon, by the nations of the world. For example by making the “Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty”.

However the treaty seems doesn’t implement effectively to reduce usage of nuclear weapon. Even the world nowadays still at the threat of the usage of nuclear weapon

Currently, the world is afraid to the nuclear weapon development in certain countries, particularly in North Korea and Iran. But, not only those developing countries, UN should also watch for developed countries such as USA and Russia which has more nuclear weapon in their arsenal. To prevent any dangerous misuse and to develop peaceful nuclear usage, UN should consider these things. First, UN should make bold the function of IAEA. Not just only being a night-watcher, IAEA should also look carefully on any states that has nuclear resources and technology, especially in developed countries which has more advanced technology. Second, nations with nuclear resources should make a treaty on the usage of the nuclear power for peaceful use such as for power plant, that will benefit many aspects, especially in global warming issue and alternative energy solutions. NGO could be coordinated by UN (under IAEA) to monitor the implementation of this treaty.

Hopefully, with the solution given, UN can maintain a sustainable peace condition without any threat of nuclear weapon in the world.


2 thoughts on “A Letter to Ban Ki-Moon

  1. nuklir masih kalah sama senjata andalannya Indonesia… ga’ perlu riset2an dan biaya tinggi, cukup dengan SANTET semua bisa teratasi…. 😆

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